Stefan Holmlid

Author: Stefan Holmlid

PhD, Assistant professor/lecturer in interaction and service design

My research take as its starting point the power of the designer and design thinking. Currently my research projects make a deep dive into the realms of services, especially concerning the expressive powers of design methods and techniques in service development and service innovation.
The idea that design objects and design materials can be both dynamic, active and that the design is co-created "in use", drive my research of relevant theroetical grounding for design, inspire my design research on materials, and challenges the way we understand how to prototype design objects for user involvement.
The road to these projects has led through a critical stance towards the insitutionalized arena of user-centered design, through projects on the role of learning for usability, and the importance of interaction design and usability in business development and IT-procurement processes, over a dedication in developing and maintaining high quality design courses for a wide range of programmes at the university.
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Publication period start: 2012
Number of co-authors: 20


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Fabian Segelstrom
Johan Blomkvist
Mattias Arvola

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Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Ann Lantz
Shelley Evenson
Mattias Arvola


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