Ohad Inbar

Author: Ohad Inbar

Ohad Inbar is a post-doctoral researcher at the Ben-Gurion University in Israel, in the field of HCI.
He has a BSc in Electrical Engineering and MSc in Industrial Design from the Technion university, and is about to receive a PhD in Industrial Design from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

Ohad wears two hats - research and design:
Wearing the research hat, his focus is on human-computer interaction, information visualization, and service design.

Wearing the design hat, he is a usability expert with 15 years of experience in implementing usability and user experience into software products, web applications mobile devices, and various consumer products. He is highly experienced in designing for B2B, B2C, medical, telecom, military and mobile applications.

Ohad Inbar is interested in researching human-computer interaction and developing user interfaces that are usable, intuitive, efficient and provide a unique and rich user experience.


Publication period start: 2011
Number of co-authors: 13


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Talia Lavie
Joachim Meyer
Noam Tractinsky

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Bracha Shapira
Joachim Meyer
Noam Tractinsky


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