Jian Chen

Author: Jian Chen


Dr. Jian Chen is associate professor at Center for Science and Engineering Education, Berkeley lab and UMBC . Before joining CSEE and UMC in fall 2012, she was faculty at USM. Prior to that, she was a member of the Brown University Scientific Visualization Research Lab with Dr. David H. Laidlaw. She completed Ph.D degree in 3DI group led by Dr. Doug A. Bowman at Virginia Tech, and Master Degree at VERI led by Dr. R. Bowen Loftin. She's current research investigates effective and efficient interaction and visualization techniques to aid researches in cutting-edge sciences and engineering to explore vast amount of data. The current research method combines the fields of cognitive, perceptual and sensory-motor abilities and mathematical modeling.


Publication period start: 2009
Number of co-authors: 29


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Nicholas F. Polys
Pardha S. Pyla
Doug A. Bowman

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Qing Li
Robert J. Kauffman
Doug A. Bowman


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