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A 10+ year veteran of Web user experience research and design, Christian Rohrer has participated directly in the development of some of the world's most popular web destinations, including Yahoo!, eBay, and In his current role as Sr. Director of User Experience Design at Move, Inc., he leads a team of designers and researchers in the development of some of the top real estate sites on the web. Prior to this, he served as Director of Customer Intelligence for Products at eBay, leading three teams that provided insights about the eBay product: New Opportunities, User Experience Research, and Product Health. He was a founding member of the eBay Research Council, an executive-sponsored body that advises the company on best research practices and developed processes that coordinate efforts between team members in market research, community outreach, international research, web analytics and user experience research. He was previously Director of User Experience Research at Yahoo!, where he was also a founding member of the Yahoo! Research Council there. Prior to Yahoo!, he conducted ethnographic research for NCI (now Liberate), focusing on the processes and strategies employed by people learning to use TV-based Internet appliances in the home. Dr. Rohrer received his PhD in symbolic systems in education (cognitive science) from Stanford University and a B.A. in computer and information sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Earlier in his career, he spent five years working as an independent UNIX consultant and two years as a support engineer at SCO.


Publication period start: 2007
Number of co-authors: 9


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Michael Schiessl
Gerald Wildgruber
Paul Fu

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Irene Au
Klaus Kaasgaard
Shelley Evenson


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