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Wed, May 06, 2020
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$1,182 $990 member price
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Get ready for a new job in UX design

IDF membership

1-year IDF membership

Mentor meetings

Mentor meetings

Downloadable templates

Practical, guided projects

Portfolio feedback

Portfolio site feedback

Relationship manager

Career prep

Work talking

Recruitment consultation

UX jobs

A new job in UX design

About this bootcamp

An exciting opportunity to create and hone your personal portfolio site and get ready for a new job in UX. You’ll be paired with a mentor who suits your personality, knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the most valuable feedback and advice. What’s more, you’ll work on unique projects relevant to your industry and career interests, get support with your job applications and have a call with a design recruiter!

What you’ll receive

Vastly increase your chances to get a job in UX design with:

IDF Membership

1 year of membership to IDF courses and community

Mentor meetings

5+ hours of video chats with your mentor

Bootcamp curriculum

A bootcamp curriculum tailored to get you a job

Feedback portfolio

12+ rounds of feedback on projects for your portfolio site

Portfolio feedback

Guidance to create a polished portfolio site full of comprehensive projects

Recruitment call

Recruitment call with Bamboo Crowd or Creative Circle, two of the world’s top creative staffing agencies

Guided project briefs

Permanent access to 30+ step-by-step guided project briefs

Curated resources

Curated resources with 100s of hours of articles and videos

Discounts perks

Exclusive perks and discounts from partners like Sketch, Balsamiq and Skillshare

What you’ll end up with

Personal portfolio

A highly polished personal portfolio site with 3+ UX case studies

Elevator pitch

A personalized elevator pitch tailored towards your career goals


A refined resume and cover letter for your job applications

Work talking

The knowledge to perform well in job interviews

Designed for busy people

Self paced
Study at your own pace within the 8-week period: your mentor will be flexible.
Learn anywhere
Learn anywhere and anytime: all you need is an internet connection.



A small price to pay to get a high-paying job in UX design. Your investment will have paid for itself many times over by the time you land your first role!

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Bootcamp timeline

  • Say hello

    Week 1: Say hello to your mentor

    • Meet your mentor over video call and complete introductory exercises.
    • Work with your mentor to identify a series of portfolio projects to work on over the next 5–6 weeks, which will be key to landing a great job.
  • Portfolio projects

    Weeks 2-5: Work on portfolio projects

    • Each week, you’ll upload 2-3 drafts of your current portfolio project to get written feedback from your mentor.
    • You’ll finish each week with a video call to review progress and discuss next steps.
    • In total, you’ll receive 12+ rounds of feedback on your portfolio projects.
  • Protfolio site

    Week 6: Finalize your personal portfolio site

    • Work with your mentor to finalize your projects.
    • Polish, structure and utilize your personal portfolio site to showcase your project work in the best possible way to your future employers.
  • Job prep

    Week 7: Job application prep

    • Start to look for jobs you want to apply for, and work with your mentor to create impactful applications and a unique elevator pitch.
    • Optimize your resume and cover letters so you stand out from the crowd.
  • Interview prep

    Week 8: design recruiter call and interview prep

    Bamboocrowd logo Creativecircle logo
    • Have a call with a real design recruiter from Bamboo Crowd or Creative Circle and ask questions about how to get a job in UX design.
    • Do a mock interview with your mentor. You’ll learn how to present your work to impress your future employer.
    • Get a deeper understanding of the questions you’ll be asked in an interview.
  • Congrats

    Week 9 & beyond: Congratulations!

    You’ll have completed the bootcamp and given yourself the best possible chance to get a job in UX design! Continue to take IDF courses for the rest of your membership to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

How others have benefited

  • I landed my first interview a month after the boootcamp and my first full time job 5 months later!

    Elissandra Chin, Prudential Financial

  • The bootcamp really did help me clean up my portfolio and land a great opportunity with USAA.

    Shaun Whitworth, USAA

  • The bootcamp helped me refresh my design skills and gave me the springboard I needed to change direction in my career.

    Alex Carter, Changing Futures Northeast

  • The bootcamp helped me polish up my portfolio and I landed a great gig with a large US pet company!

    George, Covertus

  • Thanks to the bootcamp I was able to create a better portfolio and find a great job.

    Aleksandra, Loop Now Technologies

  • The bootcamp has inspired me to be better at my current job and gives me a sense of forward momentum for my future. I can't wait to use the skills to develop my own personal profile projects.

    Robin, UnionPay International

We’ll find you a mentor who’s right for you

You’ll be personally matched with a mentor from our curated pool of 200+ experts. We’ll match you based on your knowledge, skills and aspirations so you get the most out of your bootcamp experience.

AJ Camara photo

AJ Camara

Design Director, BentoBox
Anthony Faria photo

Anthony Faria

Director of Product Design, Handshake
Bruno Saez photo

Bruno Saez

UX Designer, Stratio
Ari Krzyzek photo

Ari Krzyzek

Creative Director / Chief Designer, Chykalophia
Sadok Cervantes photo

Sadok Cervantes

Lead Designer,
Julia DeBari photo

Julia DeBari

Design Educator, GrowthX Academy
Catherine Hicks photo

Catherine Hicks

Freelance UX Consultant
Smiling Christine Esoldo

Christine Esoldo

Sr. UX Design Manager, CrowdStrike

How we’ll match you with your mentor

Many mentors
Based on your knowledge, skills and aspirations, we’ll select 3 experts that suit you.
Selected mentor
You’ll choose 1 of your 3 matches as your mentor.

Frequently asked questions

Can this bootcamp fit around my current job or studies?

Absolutely! This bootcamp is completely online and is largely self-paced (within the 8-week schedule). This means you are free to choose when to work on your projects, have mentor sessions and work towards getting that new job. Just remember, the more you put it, the more you’ll get out of it!

What are my chances to get a job in UX design?

UX design is a booming industry and demand for UX designers grows each and every year. This online bootcamp will give you the best possible chance to get a job in this lucrative industry through expert feedback from your experienced mentor, advice for how to apply for jobs and tips for how to perform at interview. What's more, you'll gain invaluable insights direct from a UX recruiter—you couldn't give yourself a better chance!

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

If you are truly unhappy with the experience, you may request a refund. This must be done within the first 14 days of the bootcamp and you should have had no more than one session with your mentor.

Do I need any prior design skills or education to enroll?

There are no prerequisites required to enroll in this bootcamp, however it is an advantage if you have a basic understanding of design concepts and technical skills. If you or your mentor feel you need to expand your knowledge and skill set in a particular area once you've enrolled in the bootcamp, we can always help you get up to speed by taking a few of our online UX courses completely free of charge. You'll then be ready to get to work building up a personalized and laser-focused portfolio with the primary goal of launching your UX design career!

What Return on Investment (ROI) can I expect from my investment?

UX designer salaries are soaring upwards of $110,000 per year in cities like San Francisco and New York, and even in other areas you can expect a salary of around $70,000. You will therefore gain more than 85x the value of this bootcamp in just your first year of employment!

Here are some US job statistics for UX designers:

What kind of projects will I work on?

You’ll work on projects that employers want to see in junior and mid-level design portfolios (trust us, we asked). From App Design to Web Design to Branding & Identity, you can pick a range of projects that are best suited to your skills and career aspirations so you end up with a portfolio site that suits and serves you best.

What makes this bootcamp different?
Rather than assign the same one-size-fits-all projects to everyone, our project frameworks guide you step-by-step as you work on unique projects curated by designers and recruiters from across the creative industry. You also have the opportunity to work on your own existing projects or and gain real-life experience that employers definitely want to see!
What happens if I fall behind with the schedule?

The bootcamp is scheduled to fit an 8-week timeline, however if unforeseen circumstances mean you can’t complete all the mentor sessions within that time frame, we can extend by up to a month. You are, of course, free to continue working on your projects, portfolio site and job applications once the bootcamp is over—you’ll have permanent access to the bootcamp resources.

How does the bootcamp line up with Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) courses?

You can take take IDF courses alongside this Get a UX Design Job bootcamp. In fact, IDF course content is highly relevant and complementary to the bootcamp schedule. You’ll find IDF resources mapped out into the bootcamp curricula and you can also use the Build Your Portfolio Projects found inside IDF courses during the bootcamp as projects to work on with your mentor.