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Richard Baskerville

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Department of Computer Information Systems at Georgia State University

Baskerville is a Professor in the Department of Computer Information Systems, J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. His research specializes in security of information systems, methods of information systems design and development, and the interaction of information systems and organizations. His interests in methods extend to qualitative research methods. Baskerville is the author of Designing Information Systems Security (J. Wiley) and more than 100 articles in scholarly journals, practitioner magazines, and edited books. He is an editor of The European Journal of Information Systems, and associated with the editorial boards of The Information Systems Journal and The Journal of Database Management. Baskerville's practical and consulting experience includes advanced information system designs for the U.S. Defense and Energy Departments. He is a former chair of the Department, and of the International Federation for Information Processing Working Group on Information Systems and Organizations, a Chartered Engineer under the British Engineering Council, a member of The British Computer Society and Certified Computer Professional by the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals. Baskerville holds degrees from the University of Maryland (B.S. summa cum laude, Management), and the London School of Economics, University of London (M.Sc., Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems, Ph.D., Systems Analysis).


Publications by Richard Baskerville (bibliography)

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Baskerville, Richard (2014). Commentary on 'Action Research: Its Nature and Relationship to Human-Computer Interaction' by Ned Kock

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Granlien, Maren Sander, Pries-Heje, Jan and Baskerville, Richard (2009): Project Management Strategies for Prototyping Breakdowns. In: HICSS 2009 - 42st Hawaii International International Conference on Systems Science 5-8 January, 2009, Waikoloa, Big Island, HI, USA. pp. 1-10.

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Baskerville, Richard and Dulipovici, Alina (2006): The Ethics of Knowledge Transfers and Conversions: Property or Privacy Rights?. In: HICSS 2006 - 39th Hawaii International International Conference on Systems Science 4-7 January, 2006, Kauai, HI, USA. .

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Sainsbury, Robert and Baskerville, Richard (2006): Distrusting Online: Social Deviance in Virtual Teamwork. In: HICSS 2006 - 39th Hawaii International International Conference on Systems Science 4-7 January, 2006, Kauai, HI, USA. .

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Siponen, Mikko T., Baskerville, Richard and Kuivalainen, Tapio (2005): Integrating Security into Agile Development Methods. In: HICSS 2005 - 38th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 3-6 January, 2005, Big Island, HI, USA. .

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Baskerville, Richard, Levine, Linda, Pries-Heje, Jan, Ramesh, Balasubramaniam and Slaughter, Sandra (2001): How Internet Software Companies Negotiate Quality. In IEEE Computer, 34 (5) pp. 51-57.

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Truex, Duane P., Baskerville, Richard and Klein, Heinz K. (1999): Growing Systems in Emergent Organizations. In Communications of the ACM, 42 (8) pp. 117-123.

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