Anton Lebed’s Course Certificate: Design for a Better World with Don Norman

The Course Certificate below verifies that Anton Lebed has completed the course Design for a Better World with Don Norman

Course Certificate
Anton Lebed has mastered how to:
  • Design for sustainability.

  • Question the value and importance in our standard measurements and incorporate meaning in the way we measure and communicate data.

  • Critically analyze and implement designs and practices for sustainability and circularity.

  • Use circular design to shape the circular economy.

  • Apply humanity-centered design to solve complex socio-technical problems.

  • Apply incrementalism and incremental modular design to overcome the challenges of large complex projects.

  • Overcome human resistance to change and mobilize people to act towards a common goal.

  • Leverage future-facing technologies such as artificial intelligence in solutions that help us redesign and address complex problems.

  • Understand the power and influence designers possess in leadership roles.

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