Anton Lebed’s Course Certificate: Design for a Better World with Don Norman

Course Certificate

The IxDF Course Certificate above is awarded to Anton Lebed in formal recognition of their coursework surpassing the rigorous benchmarks of exceptional performance established by the IxDF Educational Codex.

Anton Lebed has mastered how to:
  • Design for sustainability.

  • Question the value and importance in our standard measurements and incorporate meaning in the way we measure and communicate data.

  • Critically analyze and implement designs and practices for sustainability and circularity.

  • Use circular design to shape the circular economy.

  • Apply humanity-centered design to solve complex socio-technical problems.

  • Apply incrementalism and incremental modular design to overcome the challenges of large complex projects.

  • Overcome human resistance to change and mobilize people to act towards a common goal.

  • Leverage future-facing technologies such as artificial intelligence in solutions that help us redesign and address complex problems.

  • Understand the power and influence designers possess in leadership roles.

About the IxDF - Interaction Design Foundation

IxDF - Interaction Design Foundation

Founded in 2002, the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) sets the industry gold standard for learning design, with courses taught by experts from industry leaders such as NASA, Google, and Adobe.

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