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:)Welcome to IDF Wuhan!!! We are a growing group of people with mixed backgrounds who are interested in Interaction Design, User Experience, Customer Experience, and Creative Digital Design. We plan at least one meetup every month, both online and offline face to face round-table or workshops. Please all the interested members in and around Wuhan, join our group here on IDF. We hope to meet, share ideas and discuss and learn from each other. You will expand your professional network in Wuhan, learn a lot, and have fun!
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IDF用户体验设计沙龙 - 产品重构之设计的革命

event dates Oct 19, 2019, 13:30 — 18:00 (UTC +08:00)
氪空间路演厅, 湖北武汉市武昌区珞狮北路科创大厦A座3层, Wuhan, Hubei


10月19日,IDF(Interaction Design Foundation)武汉社区邀请了来自:ThoughtWorks,前斗鱼IBM的设计大咖们与您分享各自不同的经验和方法论沉淀。我们将与您一起探讨:

- 如何运用系统科学的思维和方法推进产品设计与重构

- 如何有效的进行设计改版

- 如何搭建一套统一体验的家族产品

10月19日, 我们不见不散!

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