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SAGE Publications is an academic and professional publisher that publishes books, journals and software under the SAGE, Corwin Press, Paul Chapman Publishing, Pine Forge Press, SAGE Reference, SAGE Science and Scolari (US and Europe websites) imprints.


Social Studies of Science.

Qualitative Inquiry. Qualitative Inquiry provides an interdisciplinary forum for qualitative methodology and related issues in the human sciences. With Qualitative Inquiry you have access to lively dialogues, current research and the latest developments in qualitative methodology.A Valuable ResourceWhether you're a scholar, an applied researcher or a student, Qualitative Inquiry brings you the cross-disciplinary scholarship you need on qualitative research methodology.Comprehensive CoverageThe journal publishes refereed research articles that experiment with manuscript form and content, and focus on methodological issues raised by qualitative research rather than the content or results of the research. Open to think-pieces and review essays, QI also addresses: · Advances in specific methodological strategies or techniques · Key issues in qualitative research · Postmodern, post-structural and/or critical treatments of qualitative or interpretive work · Practical applications of qualitative research · Theoretical discussions on the philosophical bases of qualitative traditionsAn Interdisciplinary PerspectiveThe papers published in Qualitative Inquiry transcend disciplinary, racial, ethnic, gender, national and paradigmatic boundaries, presenting research from such varied fields as: · Anthropology · Communication · Cultural Studies · Education · Evaluation · Family Studies · Gerontology · Health · History · Management · Medicine · Nursing · Oral History · Psychology · Social Work · SociologyCurrent ScholarshipQualitative Inquiry covers diverse topics spanning many fields and disciplines. Recent articles have examined: · Body narratives · Data as drama · Debates between objectivists and social constructionists · Ethical proposals for the Internet · Fieldwork dilemmas · The politics of identity · Researching lives of women with HIV/AIDS · Revising family stories · Social construction of validity · Strategies for analyzing medical interviews · Qualitative models

Marketing Theory.

Journal of Service Research.

Personality and Social Psychology Review.

Journal of Human Values.

New Media And Society.

New Media & Society.

Action Research.

Simulation And Gaming.

The Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences.

Qualitative Health Research.

New Media Society.

Educational and Psychological Measurement.

Science, Technology and Human Values.

Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.


Health Informatics Journal.

Science, Technology, & Human Values.

Science, Technology, & Human Values.

Journal of Travel Research.


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