Simon Holland

Author: Simon Holland


Simon Holland is Senior Lecturer in Computing at The Open University, and Director and Founder of the Music Computing Lab.His principal research interests are in Human Computer Interaction, Pervasive, Mobile and Tangible Computing, and Music Computing. He also has interests in Technology Enhanced Learning. He is Co-Investigator on the E-Sense Project and the Older People and Technological Inclusion ESRC Seminar Series. He has devised numerous human-centred computing innovations such as Harmony Space, the Haptic Drum Kit, the Audio GPS, and Direct Combination.He is a founder member of the Older People and Technology Research Group. Group is interested in finding ways to extend the time during which older people can live independently and participate in society radically improving the usability, accessibility and adaptability of technology by developing new approaches that:
-facilitate older people in maintaining and extending their social networks of family, community and carers,
- place older people, with the assistance of their nominated helpers, more in control of the supporting technology.


Publication period start: 2012
Number of co-authors: 29


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
David R. Morse
Henrik Gedenryd
Yvonne Rogers

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Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Jennifer J. Preece
David Benyon
Yvonne Rogers


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