Rogerio dePaula

I'm a research scientist in the emerging markets platform group (EMPG) at Intel, currently living in São Paulo, Brazil. In the past three years or so, I have been investigating the daily life and everyday practices of people in developing countries. Surely, I have a strong ("natural" - given my Brazilian nativeness) focus on Brazil and Latin America, though my research activities and interests span across different regions - north/south, developed/developing, mature/emerging, or what not.

At the same time, I reflexively investigate the ways in which multinational corporations, like Intel, shape and is shaped by notions of markets, policies, global/local, scale, what have you and create thereby businesses and technologies. These large corporations have become sites of social and cultural productions as they appropriate certain discourse practices, such as bottom-of-the-pyramid, emerging markets, sustainability, green-technology, you name it, and set out to create new opportunities for businesses and influences, creating 'needs,' aspirations, and the like.

My research interests lies then in this fuzzy, often complex, intersection between computer sciences and social sciences. I am involved in various research areas -- social and cultural studies of technology, ethnography, the economics of technology adoption and use, emerging market and international development. Technologically, my research and development interests are in mobile computing and the design of information systems based on the notions of social networking and social computing.

My work focuses for the most part on conducting, analyzing, and managing global ethnographic and people-inspired (or user-centered) design research for the development of innovative technologies in/for emerging markets.

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