Peter Reimann

Author: Peter Reimann


Publication period start: 1989
Number of co-authors: 11


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Derek A. Muller
J. Bewes
Manjula D. Sharma

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Lina Markauskaite
Maria Bannert
Michelene T. H. Chi


Muller, Derek A., Bewes, J., Sharma, Manjula D., Reimann, Peter (2008): Saying the wrong thing: improving learning with multimedia by including misconceptions. In J. Comp. Assisted Learning, 24 (2) pp. 144-155.

Bannert, Maria, Reimann, Peter (2000): Guest Editorial: approaches to the design of software training. In J. Comp. Assisted Learning, 16 (4) pp. 281-283.

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Chi, Michelene T. H., Bassok, Miriam, Lewis, Matthew W., Reimann, Peter, Glaser, Robert (1989): Self-Explonations: How Students Study and Use Examples in Learning to Solve Problems. In Cognitive Science, 13 (2) pp. 145-182.

Markauskaite, Lina, Sutherland, Louise, Reimann, Peter (2006): Interaction and Cognitive Engagement in the Community of Practice: The Contradiction of Te. In: ICALT 2006 - Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies 5-7 July, 2006, Kerkrade, The Netherlands. pp. 623-625.