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Mike Sharples is Professor of Educational Technology at the Institute for Educational Technology, The Open University UK.

Mike's research interests include human-centred design and evaluation of technologies of learning, and the application of studies of human cognition and social interaction to the design of novel interactive systems. He is a co-investigator in the Wolfson OpenScience Laboratory project and the JUXTALEARN EU-funded project. He inaugurated the mLearn international conference series and was founding President of the International Association for Mobile Learning. He was Principal Investigator of the PI: Personal Inquiry project to support inquiry learning of 21st century science topics between formal and informal settings, developing the nQuire inquiry learning system. As a member of the MOBIlearn European 5th Framework project he led the design and evaluation of its context awareness subsystem. Other projects include L-Mo with Sharp Labs Europe to develop mobile technology for language learning, the design of a Writer's Assistant, an exploration of writing as creative design, computer implementations of story generation, and the development of a knowledge-based tutoring system for neuroradiology.

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