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Brothers, L., Hollan, James D., Nielsen, Jakob, Stornetta, Scott, Abney, Steve, Furnas, George W., Littman, Michael (1992): Supporting Informal Communication via Ephemeral Interest Groups. In: Proceedings of the 1992 ACM conference on Computer-supported cooperative work November 01 - 04, 1992, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. pp. 84-90. http://www.acm.org/pubs/articles/proceedings/cscw/143457/p84-brothers/p84-brothers.pdf

Brothers, L., Sembugamoorthy, V., Muller, Michael J. (1990): ICICLE: Groupware for Code Inspection. In: Halasz, Frank (eds.) Proceedings of the 1990 ACM conference on Computer-supported cooperative work October 07 - 10, 1990, Los Angeles, California, United States. pp. 169-181.