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Author: Kai-Yin Cheng


Publication period start: 2012
Number of co-authors: 16


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Chao-Huai Su
Rong-Hao Liang
Bing-Yu Chen

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Darren Edge
Bing-Yu Chen
Hao-Hua Chu


Cheng, Kai-Yin, Luo, Sheng-Jie, Chen, Bing-Yu, Chu, Hao-Hua (2009): SmartPlayer: user-centric video fast-forwarding. In: Proceedings of ACM CHI 2009 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems , 2009, . pp. 789-798. https://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1518701.1518823

Cheng, Kai-Yin, Liang, Rong-Hao, Chen, Bing-Yu, Laing, Rung-Huei, Kuo, Sy-Yen (2010): iCon: utilizing everyday objects as additional, auxiliary and instant tabletop controllers. In: Proceedings of ACM CHI 2010 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems , 2010, . pp. 1155-1164. https://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1753326.1753499

Lin, Shu-Yang, Su, Chao-Huai, Cheng, Kai-Yin, Liang, Rong-Hao, Kuo, Tzu-Hao, Chen, Bing-Yu (2011): Pub -- point upon body: exploring eyes-free interaction and methods on an arm. In: Proceedings of the 2011 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology , 2011, . pp. 481-488. https://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2047196.2047259

Edge, Darren, Cheng, Kai-Yin, Whitney, Michael, Qian, Yao, Yan, Zhijie, Soong, Frank (2012): Tip tap tones: mobile microtraining of mandarin sounds. In: Proceedings of the 14th Conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services , 2012, . pp. 427-430. https://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2371574.2371640

Liang, Rong-Hao, Cheng, Kai-Yin, Su, Chao-Huai, Weng, Chien-Ting, Chen, Bing-Yu, Yang, De-Nian (2012): GaussSense: attachable stylus sensing using magnetic sensor grid. In: Proceedings of the 2012 ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology , 2012, . pp. 319-326. https://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2380116.2380157