Etienne Wenger

am an independent thinker, researcher, consultant, author, and speaker. I am mostly known for my work on communities of practice, though I consider myself a social learning theorist more generally.

Theoretically, my work focuses on social learning systems.
I am trying to understand the connection between knowledge, community, learning, and identity. The basic idea is that human knowing is fundamentally a social act. This simple observation has profound implications for the way we think of and attempt to support learning.

Practically, these ideas are helping people who face all sorts of challenges, such as:

design more effective knowledge-oriented organizations

create learning systems across organizations

improve education and lifelong learning

rethink the role of professional associations

design a world in which people can reach their full potential

I have been making a living helping people and organizations apply these ideas. I do consulting, workshops, and public speaking. I also work in collaboration with a number of special partners.

Now I am hoping to focus on broader issues with a new project called "Learning for a small planet."

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