Author: Ella Tallyn


Publication period start: 2005
Number of co-authors: 14


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Steve Benford
Giulia Gelmini
Neil Madden

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
David M. Frohlich
Beat Signer
Steve Benford


Frohlich, David, Adams, Guy, Tallyn, Ella (2000): short paper: Augmenting Photographs with Audio. In Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 4 (4) pp. 205-208.

Kindberg, Tim, Tallyn, Ella, Rajani, Rakhi, Spasojevic, Mirjana (2004): Active photos. In: Proceedings of DIS04: Designing Interactive Systems: Processes, Practices, Methods, & Techniques , 2004, . pp. 337-340.

Tallyn, Ella, Frohlich, David M., Linketscher, Nadja, Signer, Beat (2005): Using Paper to Support Collaboration in Educational ActivitiesUsing Paper to Support Colla. In: Proceedings of the Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning May 30-June 4, 2005, Taipai, Taiwan. pp. 672-676.

Tallyn, Ella, Koleva, Boriana, Logan, Brian, Fielding, Dan, Benford, Steve, Gelmini, Giulia, Madden, Neil (2005): Embodied Reporting Agents as an Approach to Creating Narratives from Live Virtual Worlds. In: Subsol, Gérard (eds.) ICVS 2005 - Virtual Storytelling, Using Virtual Reality Technologies for Storytelling, Third International Conference November 30 - December 2, 2005, Strasbourg, France. pp. 179-188.