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Career Opportunities at the IDF

The Interaction Design Foundation is the world's most prestigious community and course platform for User Experience designers. We've spent the last 16 years building our community and course platform from scratch – and we’re never going to stop improving on what we’ve achieved so far! Join us today to make a real impact on millions of designers worldwide by helping to provide affordable, accessible design education.

Here are some benefits of working with us:

Make a real impact in the world
Whether you are working on pushing out great code or designing awesome interfaces, you can be sure that your work will impact the lives of people around the globe. As a nonprofit organization focused on offering high-quality, low-cost design education, we are improving the lives of millions of learners across the world.
Work anywhere, anytime
We have an amazing international team from diverse cultures (from sunny Singapore to colorful Turkey and more!), united by the common goal of producing an awesome, rock-star grade product. Working from home means working anywhere – and on your own schedule, too. We work smarter, not harder.
Amazing work meet-up trips
A team that meets together, stays together. Remote working does not mean working in isolation – we meet up with the rest of the team several times a year at spectacular locations, from exotic islands in Thailand to the breathtaking mountains of Patagonia in Argentina (see our pictures below).

IDF Team trips: in photos

Koh Ngai Island, Thailand (2016)

Our meet-up in Koh Ngai Island, Thailand, in early 2016
It’s hard not to feel motivated and productive when your backdrop is made of such beautiful waters! (Koh Ngai Island, Thailand)

Aarhus, Denmark (2017)

Our team, back in June 2017, at Aarhus, Denmark
Our team, back in June 2017, at Aarhus, Denmark
Our team, back in June 2017, at Aarhus, Denmark
Our team, back in June 2017, at Aarhus, Denmark

Our work culture

  • We love results, productivity, focus and efficiency. And we believe this is achieved through an approach of "working smarter, not harder", having a love for what we do, and by taking great care of each other.
  • We pride ourselves on being friendly, compassionate and supportive; we also encourage a sense of fun in the things we do.
  • We value concentration and believe that interruptions, meetings and egos can kill productivity. That's why work often does not happen at work.
  • We believe awesome results are produced when people are in flow. That's why we value location-independent work.
  • We’re passionate about design and the difference it can make in the world.
  • We celebrate each other’s work and consider what we do a labor of love.
  • We get inspiration from books such as Rework and Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried.

Reasons to work with the IDF

  • You will be part of a highly motivated and highly qualified international team. We hire people from across the world, meaning that our team is full of the most awesome talent the world has to offer! Just check out our board members, for example.
  • You will be able to make a real impact through taking ownership and responsibility for your work and the amazing results it brings.
  • You will be able to focus on learning, creating results, and perfecting your knowledge and skill set through being able to have location-independent concentration time. You will be able to challenge yourself, learn and execute every single day.
  • You'll have complete flexibility, both in regard to location and working hours. As long as your internet connection allows you to have video-based contact with your colleagues, you're good to go. This means no commuting, and therefore much more time to dedicate to the things you love—your family, your hobbies, your cat etc.
  • You'll ultimately be working towards achieving IDF's mission of lowering the cost, yet increasing the quality, of design education globally—for the benefit of millions of people. The focus here isn't on meeting deadlines, appeasing clients, or dealing with office politics; you will be helping to re-design the future of design education with everything you do.

Open positions

We currently have no open positions. However, we welcome unsolicited applications: send your application to Rikke Friis Dam at and we'll contact you if we find a match with an open position.