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We are so committed to our mission statement of sharing what great design can do for humankind that we started a 30,000-mile bike tour. We partnered with SAP/SAP University Alliances and Max Peer, our intrepid biker, to take on the daunting task of pedalling the whole way around the world, one mile at a time. Armed with lots of tracking equipment to track his progress across the planet—and even a full-size foldable canoe on a trailer so he could cross waterways—Max went on his journey to Share the Knowledge.

Each week, Max made media stops at local universities and tech companies where he could meet the local press. These tour stops made headlines, and Max was often met with pep rallies at universities and even a police escort of three cars at Notre Dame University. Here is an example media coverage from Forbes Magazine —including a statement from the Danish Minister for Trade and Investment.

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