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Join Our Team: Shape the Design Education of Tomorrow

How to Become Our Colleague: Your Checklist

  1. Read through our Careers page and watch the video on that page. That will help you decide if we're a good match.

  2. Watch this video to learn more about our company culture and how we work:

  3. Start writing an application which includes a few paragraphs on why you want to put your heart, mind and hard work into this job. Why are you interested in working with us?

  4. Attach your résumé/CV, or include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

  5. Send your application to We can't wait to hear from you. We'll reply within 24 hours, except on weekends.

Please apply as soon as you can—we’re firm believers of “the sooner, the better” and we’re looking forward to working with you!

Our Hiring Process

  1. We Receive Your CV/Resume And Application

    Evaluators: 2 senior members of the relevant team.

    We'll evaluate your CV/resume and how well your skills and experience fit our needs. We're flexible in our evaluation and don't try to fit you into a mold. After evaluations are cast, the hiring team re-groups to establish which candidates will progress to the next step.

  2. 10 Quick Questions Over Email

    Evaluators: 2 senior members of the relevant team.

    We'll email you 10 ultra-short, role-specific questions over email. That way, we have some conversation starters for our interview. We think traditional interviews with trick questions and whiteboarding are wrong. We want an interview to be comfortable and productive for everyone.

  3. Short Cultural Interview

    Duration: 30 mins.

    People present: A senior member of staff

    A brief cultural interview so both you and we can find out if we're a good match in terms of company culture. You’ll also get an opportunity to talk about your skills and experience as well as learn more about the role you’ve applied to.

  4. Technical Interview

    Duration: 1 hour.

    People present: The manager of this role and perhaps a team member you’ll be working with.

    The interview will comprise both technical and cultural questions as well as give you the opportunity to get more in depth information about the role and the company.

  5. Written Test and Case Study Preparation

    Duration: Several hours (in your spare time over the course of a week).

    Here, you will get the opportunity to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and abilities to the team. Usually this step comprises a written test, a business case presentation or a technical assessment specific to the role. If you're successful at this stage, your work will form part of the discussion during the next steps of the interview process.

  6. Final Interview with Senior Leadership Team and HR

    Duration: 1 hour.

    This final interview is with a member of our senior leadership team and the manager for this role. The interview will be grounded in your written test to give you the best possibility to shine. This is the finishing line and all fingers are crossed.

  7. Job Offer

    Congratulations! All the hard work is about to pay off and this is where we sign the agreement and drink champagne (or juice) over Zoom. This is a fantastic moment where we welcome you and celebrate you joining our Team.

After getting the job

    1. Onboarding Phase – Introduction

      Duration: 3 weeks

      Our onboarding phase is 3 weeks of intensive learning, growing and settling into your exciting new role. We want to set you up for success as soon as possible and we've created an onboarding structure to accelerate your learning and performance. You will have an onboarding buddy, you will get to meet the team and you will have loads of support from your manager.

    2. Onboarding Phase – Growth

      Duration: 3 months

      After your initial 3-week onboarding phase you will already be contributing to the results of your team and the organisation. During the next 3 months we will support you to deepen your knowledge and understanding of our members, our organisation and our culture in addition to clearly defining your objectives and learning path.

    3. First Team Trip

      Duration: 1 week | Location: Somewhere inspiring on planet earth

      A team that gets together, stays together. We get together a few times each year to celebrate our achievements as well as to ideate and plan for the year ahead. At night we go out, eat great food, have fun and bond. It’s intense, but also incredibly fun.

    4. You Grow, We Grow

      Endless opportunities for professional and personal growth.