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Clive Richards

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Has also published under the name of:
"C. J. Richards"

Clive Richards, MPhil PhD(RCA) FCSD FRSA, is a Visiting Professor to the Faculty of Arts and Architecture, University of Brighton. He has worked in a wide range of art and design fields, including commercial practice (technical illustration, information graphics, corporate identity, typography and artists' catalogue design), academic research, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, PhD research supervision, higher education management plus professional body and international committee work. A pioneer in British art school computer animation, he also developed the first computer-aided drafting package for making cutaway and exploded technical illustrations, work carried out in collaboration with the CAD Centre Cambridge. His doctoral research at the Royal College of Art, London, on diagram design, formed the basis for further theoretical work in diagrammatics. A holder of various grants and listing numerous papers, books and chapters on his research he was Professor of Information Design at Coventry University, plus Associate Dean of Coventry School Art and Design, until 2009. As well as Director of Research for the School he also headed up its international developments team. He was President of the Chartered Society Designers (CSD) from 2007 until 2009 and a member of the art and design sub-panel of the 2008 national UK universities Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). Currently he is the President of the International Institute for Information Design (IIID) based in Vienna, a member of the Double Crown Club and the Art Workers' Guild of London. He runs his own design consultancy practice from his studio in Earlsdon, Coventry.


Publications by Clive Richards (bibliography)

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Richards, Clive (2014). Commentary on 'Visual Representation' by Alan Blackwell

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Richards, Clive, Bussard, Nicolas D'Amour and Newman, Robert (2007): Weighing-up line weights: The value of differing line thicknesses in technical illustrations. In Information Design Journal, 15 (2) pp. 171-181.

This paper is about evaluating the contribution to viewer interpretation of differing line weights used in black and white technical illustrations generated from CAD databases.

© All rights reserved Richards et al. and/or their publisher

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Richards, Clive (2006): Drawing out information - lines of communication in technical illustration. In Information Design Journal Document Design, 14 (2) pp. 97-107.

The main graphical modes of information presentation, used in technical illustrations to show hidden detail, are identified and some historical precedents for them in the work of Leonardo Da Vinci are reviewed. Research into one particular aspect of graphic representation used in technical illustrations is reported. This concerns the deployment in hand-drawn images of different line thicknesses and their contribution to enhancing the interpretation of what is depicted. Whilst the use of varying line thicknesses has been formally incorporated into some documentation standards, it is not always observed in relevant domains. The case for and the process of replicating this line thickness code in computer-generated imagery, for use in multimedia technical documentation, are introduced.

© All rights reserved Richards and/or his/her publisher

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Newman, R. M., Bussard, N. and Richards, Clive (2002): Integrating interactive 3-D diagrams into hypermedia documentation. In: ACM 20th International Conference on Computer Documentation 2002. pp. 122-126.

'Virtual Reality', or interactive 3-D graphics has been the subject of much hype with regard to its promise in the field of engineering. If virtual reality provides a uniquely effective means of conveying information about 3-D forms, as its proponents contend, then it should have found widespread acceptance in the field of technical documentation, which is the distribution of information concerning engineering products. However, to date the use of this technology in working documentation systems is limited. This paper discusses some of the reasons for the limited progress made in the use of interactive 3-D in technical information systems, and concludes that there is a central role for interactive 3-D in technical documentation, but that progress needs to be made in the its authoring and presentation. The methodology of the production of interactive 3-D technical diagrams is discussed. Examples of some prototype tools are presented.

© All rights reserved Newman et al. and/or ACM Press

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Richards, Clive (2002): The Fundamental Design Variables of Diagramming. In: Anderson, Michael, Meyer, Bernd and Olivier, Patrick (eds.). "Diagrammatic Representation and Reasoning". London, UK: pp. 85-102

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Fischer, Detlev and Richards, Clive (1995): The presentation of time in interactive animated systems diagrams. In: Earnshaw, Rae A. and Vince, John A. (eds.). "Multimedia systems & applications". London: Academic Press

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Richards, Clive (1984). Diagrammatics: an investigation aimed at providing a theoretical framework for studying diagrams and for establishing a taxonomy of their fundamental modes of graphic organization. Unpublished Phd Thesis. Royal College of Art, London, UK

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