Anton Lebed’s Course Certificate: Mobile UX Strategy: How to Build Successful Products

The Course Certificate below verifies that Anton Lebed has completed the course Mobile UX Strategy: How to Build Successful Products with a Top 10% Distinction.

Course Certificate
Anton Lebed has mastered how to:
  • Apply fundamental concepts and best practices of mobile UX design to create successful user experiences.

  • Understand your users and their interactions with your products.

  • Conduct user research for mobile to discover your target audience’s preferences and challenges.

  • Develop actionable and relatable personas that bring your users to life in your design process.

  • Craft a powerful content strategy and leverage the magic of UX writing to guide and engage your users.

  • Implement a robust testing process to identify areas for improvement and the importance of iterating your designs based on authentic user feedback.

  • Integrate assistive technology into your products.

  • Champion accessibility by making your products inclusive and accommodating diverse abilities and preferences, ensuring a seamless user experience for all.

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