Monika Fleischmann


MONIKA FLEISCHMANN is a German research [media] artist and scientist, and a curator of new media art. Her multidisciplinary background - studies in fashion design, visual arts, theatre studies, digital media and philosophy in Zurich, Berlin and Vienna - made her an expert in the world of digital media, media art and science. Her research topics are: New Media Art, Interactive Design, Digital Culture and Knowledge Media (e.g. at Art+Com, Fraunhofer and Fleischmann-Strauss) WOLFGANG STRAUSS is a German architect, media artist and scientist. He is a Research Artist and works in partnership with Monika Fleischmann on media art installations, the concept of interactivity, experimental Interaction and spatial strategies. MONIKA FLEISCHMANN & WOLFGANG STRAUSS Research Artists Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss work in the field of Knowledge Arts [Wissenskünste] at Fraunhofer Research Society. Their artistic based research is based on two major areas: one is, to study bodily perception with sensory interfaces in interactive environments; the other is, to discuss the notion of knowledge and how knowledge can be unfolded with digital media. In the mid-1980s Fleischmann & Strauss became co-founders of the first German Research Laboratory for Art and Technology, ART+COM in Berlin. In 1997, they established a transdisciplinary research group (MARS) at GMD - the German National Research Center for Information Technology and started longterm collaborative projects such as "Erena - electronic arenas for art, culture, entertainment”. Since then, most of their artistic based research was supported by EU, German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), Burda Akademie, DAAD, Goethe Institute, IFA and others. Fleischmann & Strauss hold a US patent (2001-07) for a novel interface using electrical signals of the human body for gesture based interaction (inspired by the theremin). Their artistic installations [permanent at ZKM] are intersections of arch


Conference Proceedings

Fleischmann, Monika, Strauss, Wolfgang (eds.) Proceedings of CAST01/Living in Mixed Realities, Conference on Artistic, Cultural and Scientific Aspects of Experimental Media Spaces 21-22. September, 2001, Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, Germany.