Monika Fleischmann

Author: Monika Fleischmann


Prof. Monika Fleischmann
is a German researcher, media artist, interaction designer, theorist and curator of new media art. She studied fashion design, visual arts, art- and theatre pedagogy, scenography and computer grafics in Zurich, Berlin and Vienna. Since 1987 she co-operates with architect Wolfgang Strauss.
The media art pioneer was co-founder and artistic director of Art + Com in Berlin (1987), the first research institute in Germany for digital media. Since 1997 she has been Head of the Art & Technology department, the MARS - Exploratory Media Lab at GMD-Institute for Media Communication, since 2004 at Fraunhofer Institute of Intelligent Analyses and Information Systems in Sankt Augustin, Germany.
In 2000/01 the TIME magazine ranks Monika Fleischmann among the People to Watch. From 2001 to date she organized and curated the „digital sparks“ student-contest and TalentScout in german speaking Europe to foster students and to monitor the evolution of teaching and learning new media. From 2002-07 she was appointed advisor to the German State Ministers for Culture.
In her project eCulture Factory (Bremen 2005-08), she developed a transfer model for the creative city and brings innovative prototypes from research into the society. In 2008 she was appointed honorary professor for media theory and interactive media art of the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. Her current research at Fraunhofer IAIS includes Cultural Analytics and Audio-Visual Interface Design. As visiting professor in Bremen and Siegen she is teaching cultural interfaces, interactive media art and scenography in theory and practice.


Publication period start: 2001
Number of co-authors: 13


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Derrick de Kerkhove
Luca Farulli
Wolfgang Strauss

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Jasminko Novak
Wolfgang Strauss
Jürgen Ziegler


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Fleischmann, Monika, Strauss, Wolfgang (2001): Linking between real and virtual spaces: building the Mixed Reality stage environment. In: AUIC 2001 - 2nd Australasian User Interface Conference 29 January - 1 February, 2001, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. pp. 29-33.