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Envisioning Healing: Interactive Technology and the Patient-Practitioner Dialogue.

Journal of Integrated Design & Process Science. Aims and Scope: The notions of design and process cut across many disciplines. Applications of abstract notions of design and process to engineering problem solving would certainly redefine and expand the notion of engineering itself in the 21st century. This Journal of SDPS strives to be the repository of human knowledge covering interdisciplinary notions of design and process in a rigorous fashion. We expect and encourage papers crossing the boundaries back and forth in mathematical landscape as well as among mathematics, physics, economics, management science, and engineering. Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science is an archival, peer-reviewed technical journal publishing the following types of papers: a) Research papers, b) Reports on case studies, c) Reports on major design and process projects, d) Design and process standards and proposals, and e) Insightful tutorials on design and process. It has been observed that most of the work related to design and process is interdisciplinary and until recently has been scattered in journals of many diverse disciplines. The objective of this journal is to publish state-of-the-art papers in this expanding field, providing an international and interdisciplinary forum for best work in design and process related areas. The audience of this journal will have a single source to keep informed on new and quality work as academic research papers and synthesis on best-practices. Consistent with SDPS philosophy, the journal strives to maintain an international and interdisciplinary balance by relying on experts from various corners of the world. Authors whose work is in the domain of Interdisciplinary no-man’s land with a flavor of design and process are encouraged to submit their papers to this Journal.


Technology and Disability Journal.

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