Toni Ivergard

Author: Toni Ivergard

Assoc Professor/Docent, PhD

Formal Positions held by Assoc. Professor Dr Toni Ivergard:

  • Advisor to Perm. Secr. Khunying Dhipavadee (Ministry of Culture and ICT Ministry and Secr. General of OCSC) - currently dep PM, Thailand
  • Advisor/Consultant to Governments of South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore
  • Director Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Rangsit University, Bangkok
  • Associate professor and Senior Research Fellow Mahidol University, College of Management, Bangkok (Head of Publ Sector Management)
  • Dep. and Acting Director General Swedish Labour Market Administration (member of the board of Directors - Verksledning)Regional Labour Director (County of Jamtland, Sweden)Director for establishing a regional Research Institute for Working Life, North of Sweden (Ostersund)
  • Director of Research and Development Scandinavian Airline University  (also Safety and Risk Management Director)
  • Associate Professor/Docent (Industrial Ergonomics), Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
  • Managing Director of the consultancy (Sweden & UK) ERGOLAB
  • Senior University Lecture (Science of Working Life) of Lulea University of Technology, Sweden (Also advisor in the establishment of this new university)
  • Director of Environmental and Ergonomics Laboratory, Cooperative Union and Wholesale Society (the largest Nordic retailing, wholesale and consumer-goods manufacturer of that time) - and earlier also environmental design engineer
  • Education and research: Environmental engineering, Industrial Psychology, Ergonomics and Cybernetics, Research in Science of Work, incl. Human technology systems, Learning at Work, ICT and the Society, Management and Public Sector Governance, etc. About 220 publications, incl Information Ergonomics, Design of Control Rooms, Design of Hotel and Restaurants, Safety at Sea, 
  • Political Positions: Vice Chairperson of Community School Board, Regional Secretary of Party board, Board Member of Public Health Council, Board member of occupational safety committee, Board member of local taxation/revenue committee.


Publication period start: 2008
Number of co-authors: 12


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Brain Hunt
Stig Vinberg
Brian Hunt

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Stig Vinberg
Brian Hunt
Paul Mulholland


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