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Author: Titti Kallio


Publication period start: 2000
Number of co-authors: 10


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Mihael Cankar
Anu Kankainen
Aki Kekäläinen

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Anu Kankainen
Anne Kaikkonen
Teija Vainio


Kaikkonen, Anne, Kekäläinen, Aki, Cankar, Mihael, Kallio, Titti, Kankainen, Anu (2005): Usability Testing of Mobile Applications: A Comparison between Laboratory and Field Testin. In Journal of Usability Studies, 1 (1) pp. 4-17. https://www.upassoc.org/upa_publications/jus/2005_november/mobile.pdf

Kallio, Titti (2000): PMA - Personal Multimedia Assistant - A Simulation of a Multimedia Mobile Phone. In: Proceedings of the First Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction , 2000, .

Kallio, Titti, Komu, Toni (2000): WAP User Interfaces. In: Proceedings of the First Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction , 2000, .

Kallio, Titti, Kekäläinen, Aki (2004): Improving the Effectiveness of Mobile Application Design: User-Pairs Testing by Non-profes. In: Brewster, Stephen A., Dunlop, Mark D. (eds.) Mobile Human-Computer Interaction - Mobile HCI 2004 - 6th International Symposium September 13-16, 2004, Glasgow, UK. pp. 315-319. https://link.springer.de/link/service/series/0558/bibs/3160/31600315.htm

Vuolle, Maiju, Tiainen, Mari, Kallio, Titti, Vainio, Teija, Kulju, Minna, Wigelius, Heli (2008): Developing a questionnaire for measuring mobile business service experience. In: Hofte, G. Henri ter, Mulder, Ingrid, Ruyter, Boris E. R. de (eds.) Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services - Mobile HCI 2008 September 2-5, 2008, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. pp. 53-62. https://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1409240.1409247

Kallio, Titti (2003): Why we choose the more attractive looking objects: somatic markers and somaesthetics in us. In: DPPI 2003 - Proceedings of the 2003 International Conference on Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces June 23-26, 2003, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. pp. 142-143. https://doi.acm.org/10.1145/782896.782934