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Thomas Geis

Author: Thomas Geis

Managing Director and Senior Usability Engineer

Thomas Geis is Managing Director and Senior Usability Engineer at ProContext GmbH in Cologne Germany. Thomas has been working fulltime in contextual analysis, requirements engineering and interaction design for all kinds of interactive systems, ranging vom household appliances to navigation systems for brain surgery for over 15 years. Thomas is editor of ISO 9241-110 \"dialogue principles\" and helps companies establishing standards and best practises for their usability engineering process.


Publication period start: 2008
Number of co-authors: 12


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Christian Bogner
Knut Polkehn
Dirk Zimmermann

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Thomas Memmel
Martin Schrepp
Harald Reiterer


Memmel, Thomas, Geis, Thomas, Reiterer, Harald (2008): Methoden, Notationen und Werkzeuge zur Übersetzung von Anforderungen in User Interface Spe. In: Brau, Henning (eds.) Usability Professionals 2008 , 2008, Lübeck, Germany. pp. 45-48. https://hci.uni-konstanz.de/downloads/2008_UPA08_TM_TG_HR_FINAL.pdf

Geis, Thomas, Rummel, Bernard, Schrepp, Martin, Held, Theo, Offergeld, Michael, Scheurer, Martin, Willuhn, Dirk (2008): Standards im Usability Engineering umsetzen - was funktioniert, was nicht?. In: Brau, Henning (eds.) Usability Professionals 2008 , 2008, Lübeck, Germany. pp. 141-148.

Fischer, Holger, Bogner, Christian, Geis, Thomas, Polkehn, Knut, Zimmermann, Dirk (2011): Der Qualitätsstandard für Usability Engineering der German UPA: Aktueller Stand der Arbeit. In: Brau, Henning, al., et (eds.) Jahresband Usability Professionals 2011 , 2011, Chemnitz, Germany. pp. 72-74.