Tatyana Dumova

Author: Tatyana Dumova

Ph.D., Bowling Green State University

Tatyana Dumova is an Associate Professor of Digital Media in the School of Communication at Point Park University in Pittsburgh. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in computer-mediated publication, computer-assisted reporting and desktop publishing. Prior to coming to Point Park, she has taught a variety of communication courses including digital imaging, web and graphic design, broadcast and multimedia production, new media applications, media processes and effects, advanced research methods, visual communication, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, public speaking, and senior portfolio at Montclair State University, University of North Dakota and Bowling Green State University.


Publication period start: 2001
Number of co-authors: 0


Dumova, Tatyana (2008): Using Digital Video Assignments as a Tool for Active Learning. In International Journal of Learning, 14 (12) pp. 63-72.

Dumova, Tatyana (2001): Book review: Community informatics: Enabling communities with information and communicatio. In JASIST - Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 52 (11) pp. 981-983.