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Sebastiano Bagnara

Author: Sebastiano Bagnara


Sebastiano Bagnara has a doctoral degree in philosophy from Padua University, and specialised there in psychology. He is currently professor of psychology and cognitive ergonomics at the Milan Polytechnic. Prior to that (1986-2001), he was professor of psychology and lecturer in man-machine interaction at the University of Siena, where he also directed the communication science department until 2001. In addition, he taught ergonomics at the University of Padua (1989-93) and ergonomics applied to industrial design at the Milan Polytechnic (1994-98 and 2000-01).
Sebastiano Bagnara has frequently consulted for large corporations and government agencies, was in charge of many European research projects, and published a large number of books and articles in leading international journals.

He is a member of the boards of the International Ergonomics Association (1980-86 and 2001-) and the Italian Society of Ergonomics (1980-86 and 2001-). He also sits on the Steering Committee for Research Evaluation of the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research, and on the Scientific Committee of ISIMM (Institute for Innovation in Media and Multimedia), and has been President of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics (1990-94).

He is a member of the editorial boards of the journals 'Applied Ergonomics', 'Cognition, Technology, and Work', 'Comunicazione Pubblica', 'International Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing', 'International Journal of Applied Psychology', 'Sistemi Intelligenti', 'Sistemi Organizzativi', and 'Travail Humain', and is also the Associate Editor of the journal 'Theoretical Issues in Ergonomic Sciences'.


Publication period start: 1987
Number of co-authors: 23


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
M. Mariani
O. Parlangeli
Antonio Rizzo

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Gillian Crampton Smith
Antonio Rizzo
Paolo Paolini


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