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I am a Senior Software Engineer in Advanced Development Group at Microsoft Research India., where I help transforming cool exciting technologies invented at Microsoft Research into Microsoft products and services. I currently work on energy profiler for mobile applications (released as battery profiler in Windows Phone SDK 8.0 in Oct 2012), and indoor localization.

Prior to joining Microsoft Research, I worked at IBM Rational Software as programmer and tech lead developing various programming tools: modern Modeling IDE capabilities for Executable Models with UML Action Language in Rational Software Architect and execution and debugging capabilities for its Real Time edition, PurifyPlus for AIX, and a Java memory leak detection tool called Leakbot.

My computer science interests include program analysis & profiling tools, compilers, software development environments, software engineering tools, programming languages and type theory.

In a nutshell, I love building programming tools, I still program, and I unabashedly confess that I am just a programmer.

I grew up in the industrial town of Kanpur (India) at the bank of river Ganga.  I received my B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering (with minor in Computing) from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 1996, and a Masters in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 2001.

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