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Author: Robert Pierce


Publication period start: 2002
Number of co-authors: 8


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Kevin Minerley
Aristidis Protopsaltis
Brad Mehlenbacher

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Scott Tilley
Brad Mehlenbacher
Carlos J. Costa


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Pierce, Robert (2005): Leveraging technology affinity: applying a common set of tools and practices to informatio. In: ACM 23rd International Conference on Computer Documentation , 2005, . pp. 123-130. https://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1085313.1085343

Pierce, Robert, Protopsaltis, Aristidis, Mehlenbacher, Brad, Zachry, Mark (2007): What is design of communication?. In: Proceedings of the 25th annual ACM international conference on Design of communication , 2007, El Paso, Texas, USA. pp. 181. https://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1297144.1297181

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Pierce, Robert (2010): SIGDOC: reviewing the history from a company perspective. In: ACM 28th International Conference on Design of Communication , 2010, . pp. 255. https://dx.doi.org/10.1145/1878450.1878495