Regis L. Magyar

Author: Regis L. Magyar


Regis L. Magyar, Ph.D. (born May 25, 1949 in DeLand, Florida) is a Certified Human Factors Professional and Consultant specializing in Human-Computer Interaction, Web Site Usability, User interface design, and System Usability testing. He is best known for his research and development of the IBM converged alphanumeric keyboard that is now the de facto keyboard design used by virtually every PC and computer manufacturer. He has over 25 years of experience in designing, implemening, and evaluating the usability and the user interface design of software and hardware products for personal computers, network management systems, and mobile communication handsets. He was employed as a Staff Engineer for IBM, Fujitsu Networking, AT&T, and as the Manager of the Human Factor Engineering Laboratory of the Panasonic Mobile Communications Design Center. He received his B.S. in Engineering Psychology from Georgia Tech, his M.S. in the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, and his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the university of Florida. He later received an M.S. in Telecommunications from Pace University. He is a member of Sigma Xi, the North American Research Society, the Usability Professionals Association, and the Human Factor Society. He retired from industry and is currently an independent consultant and teaching courses in Research Design, Learning & Behavior Change, and Human Factors in the Department of Psychology at Rollins College in Winter Park, Forida.


Publication period start: 1990
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Magyar, Regis L. (1990): Assessing Icon Appropriateness and Icon Discriminability with a Paired-Comparison Testing . In: D., Woods,, E., Roth, (eds.) Proceedings of the Human Factors Society 34th Annual Meeting , 1990, Santa Monica, USA. pp. 1204-1208.