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Brouwer-Janse, Maddy D., Bennett, Raymond W., Endo, Takaya, van Nes, Floris L., Strubbe, Hugo J., Gentner, Donald R. (1992): Interfaces for Consumer Products: "How to Camouflage the Computer?". In: Bauersfeld, Penny, Bennett, John, Lynch, Gene (eds.) Proceedings of the ACM CHI 92 Human Factors in Computing Systems Conference June 3-7, 1992, Monterey, California. pp. 287-290. http://www.acm.org/pubs/articles/proceedings/chi/142750/p287-brouwer-janse/p287-brouwer-janse.pdf

Bennett, Raymond W., Greenspan, Steven L. (1987): Evaluating Synthetic Speech Devices. In: Salvendy, Gavriel (eds.) HCI International 1987 - Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction - Volume 2 August 10-14, 1987, Honolulu, Hawaii. pp. 391-398.