Phil Turner

Author: Phil Turner


Phil Turner is Director of Forest Products Research Institute at Edinburgh Napier University. He got Ph.D in Gas phase physics at Imperial College London, 1991. Also dr. Turner was Post doctoral researcher at Imperial College London. As professor in Biophysics he has a particular focus on quantum mechanics and how it can help to better understand cell wall formation. This work extends to the development of new, "bio-inspired" materials. His research sits within the Centre for Plant Science and Biopolymer Research (a research centre within FPRI which he lead).

One of his main occupation is the development of this area of research within the Forest Based Industry sector. This is focussed through his role as Chairman of COST Action FP 1105: Understanding wood cell wall structure, biopolymer interaction and composition: Implications for current products and new material innovation. From 2000-2005 he established the Forestry and Forest Products Research Centre as a partnership between the CSIR and the University of Natal. The centre had a diverse range of research activities supporting the Forest Based Sector, with a particular focus on fast growing plantation species including pines and eucalypts.


Publication period start: 2011
Number of co-authors: 15


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Manfred Kubitscheck
Ian Penman
Susan Turner

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Elisabeth Davenport
Susan Turner
David Benyon


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