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Cheng, Peter C.-H., Barone, Rossano, Cowling, Peter I., Ahmadi, Samad (2002): Opening the Information Bottleneck in Complex Scheduling Problems with a Novel Representat. In: Hegarty, Mary, Meyer, Bernd, Narayanan, N. Hari (eds.) Diagrams 2002 - Diagrammatic Representation and Inference - Second International Conference April 18-20, 2002, Callaway Gardens, GA, USA. pp. 264-278.

Cheng, Peter C-H., Barone, Rossano, Cowling, Peter I., Ahmardi, Samad (2002): Opening the information bottleneck in complex scheduling problems with a novel representat. In: Hegarty, M., Meyer, B. J. F., Narayanan, N. H. (eds.) Diagrammatic representations and inference Second International Conference, Diagrams 2002 , 2002, . pp. 264-278.