Author: Oliver Creighton


Publication period start: 2011
Number of co-authors: 10


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Georgi A. Markov
Anne Hoffmann
Bernd Brügge

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Leonid Kof
Bernd Brügge
Gudrun Klinker


Klinker, Gudrun, Creighton, Oliver, Dutoit, Allen H., Kobylinski, Rafael, Vilsmeier, Christoph, Brügge, Bernd (2001): Augmented Maintenance of Powerplants: A Prototyping Case Study of a Mobile AR System. In: 4th International Symposium on Augmented Reality ISAR 2001 29-30 October, 2001, New York, NY, USA. pp. 124-136.

Creighton, Oliver, Ott, Martin, Brügge, Bernd (2006): Software Cinema-Video-based Requirements Engineering. In: 14th IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering RE 2006 11-15 September, 2006, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota, USA. pp. 106-115.

Gleich, Benedikt, Creighton, Oliver, Kof, Leonid (2010): Ambiguity Detection: Towards a Tool Explaining Ambiguity Sources. In: Wieringa, Roel, Persson, Anne (eds.) Requirements Engineering Foundation for Software Quality, 16th International Working Conference, REFSQ 2010, Essen, Germany, June 30 - July 2, 2010. Proceedings , 2010, . pp. 218-232.

Markov, Georgi A., Hoffmann, Anne, Creighton, Oliver (2011): Requirements Engineering Process Improvement: An Industrial Case Study. In: Berry, Daniel M., Franch, Xavier (eds.) Requirements Engineering Foundation for Software Quality - 17th International Working Conference, REFSQ 2011, Essen, Germany, March 28-30, 2011. Proceedings , 2011, . pp. 34-47.