Author: Min Lin

Min Lin is a Ph.D. candidate in the Information Systems Department of UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County). He is a research assistant of Interactive Systems Research Center, and actively participated in various research projects including Chinese text entry on mobile phones, voice-based navigation techniques, target selection on mobile devices under mobile conditions, and etc. His keypad design for Motorola's stroke input method for mobile phones successfully helps users to construct more accurate mental model of the system and therefore significantly improves text entry performance. The design has been adopted by Motorola and started shipping to Chinese market. During the summer of 2003, he worked in the accessibility group of IBM  T. J. Watson Research Center as a research intern. He is a member of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and ACM SIGCHI (Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction). He serves in the program committee of the IRMA (Information Resources Management Association) 2006 International Conference. He also reviews for various conferences such as CHI (Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems), DUX (Conference on Designing for User Experience), and STC (Society for Technical Communication).


Publication period start: 2004
Publication period end: 2007
Number of co-authors: 7


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Rich Goldman
Julie A. Jacko
Andrew Sears

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Jinjuan Feng
Julie A. Jacko
Andrew Sears


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