Mihai Nadin

Author: Mihai Nadin


Ashbel Smith University Professor, Director of antĖ Institute for Research in Anticipatory Systems Established first program in Computational Design. Research in anticipation, cognitive science, interaction design.


Publication period start: 1988


Nadin, Mihai (1988): Interface Design: A Semiotic Paradigm. In Semiotica, 69 (3) pp. 269–302.

Nadin, Mihai (1988): Interface design: A semiotic paradigm. In Semiotica, 69 (3) pp. 269-302.

Nadin, Mihai (2002): Where is the HUMAN in HCI?: from reaction to anticipation. In: Proceedings of the Second Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction October 19-23, 2002, Aarhus, Denmark. pp. 307. https://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?doid=572020.572077

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