Michail Salampasis

Author: Michail Salampasis

Michail Salampasis holds a B.Sc. in Informatics (1993) from the Department of Informatics of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Thessaloniki in Greece, and a Ph.D. in Computing (1997)  from the School of Computing & Engineering of the University of Sunderland in UK. He is an assistant professor in the Department of Informatics in TEI of Thessaloniki in the subject area of multimedia and Internet applications. He has also worked as a research assistant in the networks operation center of the same institute. He has a large experience in designing and developing educational multimedia and hypermedia applications using agent-based software engineering techniques. He was the principal computer scientist in designing and developing the largest digital Greek Encyclopedia for the Internet. His main research interests are Open Hypermedia Systems (OHS), adaptive hypermedia, e-learning systems, agent technologies with special interest in software agents, distributed & parallel Information Retrieval (IR) with special interest in collection fusion strategies & algorithms and information seeking in large electronic environments. He has published several academic papers in journals and conferences in these areas.


Publication period start: 1998
Number of co-authors: 6


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Maria Satratzemi
Christos Kouroupetroglou
Athanasios Manitsaris

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Christos Kouroupetroglou
Chris Bloor
John Tait


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