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Author: Lorin Hochstein


Publication period start: 2005
Number of co-authors: 9


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Christopher Scaffidi
Kathryn T. Stolee
Victor R. Basili

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Gregg Rothermel
Christopher Scaffidi
Victor R. Basili


Hochstein, Lorin, Basili, Victor R. (2008): The ASC-Alliance Projects: A Case Study of Large-Scale Parallel Scientific Code Developmen. In IEEE Computer, 41 (3) pp. 50-58. https://doi.ieeecomputersociety.org/10.1109/MC.2008.101

Nakamura, Taiga, Hochstein, Lorin, Basili, Victor R. (2006): Identifying domain-specific defect classes using inspections and change history. In: Travassos, Guilherme Horta, Maldonado, José Carlos, Wohlin, Claes (eds.) ISESE 2006 - International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering September 21-22, 2006, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. pp. 346-355. https://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1159733.1159785

Shull, Forrest, Carver, Jeffrey, Hochstein, Lorin, Basili, Victor R. (2005): Empirical study design in the area of high-performance computing (HPC). In: ISESE 2005 - International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering 17-18 November, 2005, Noosa Heads, Australia. pp. 305-314. https://dx.doi.org/10.1109/ISESE.2005.1541839

Koesnandar, Andhy, Elbaum, Sebastian G., Rothermel, Gregg, Hochstein, Lorin, Scaffidi, Christopher, Stolee, Kathryn T. (2008): Using assertions to help end-user programmers create dependable web macros. In: Harrold, Mary Jean, Murphy, Gail C. (eds.) Proceedings of the 16th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering November 9-14, 2008, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. pp. 124-134. https://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1453101.1453119