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Author: Lisa D. Murphy


Publication period start: 1995
Number of co-authors: 1


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Yurong Yao

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Yurong Yao


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Murphy, Lisa D. (2001): Digital Documents in Organizational Communities of Practice: A First Look. In: HICSS 2001 , 2001, . https://csdl.computer.org/comp/proceedings/hicss/2001/0981/04/09814005abs.htm

Murphy, Lisa D. (1995): Geographic information systems: are they decision support systems?. In: HICSS 1995 , 1995, . pp. 131-140. https://csdl.computer.org/comp/proceedings/hicss/1995/6945/00/69450131abs.htm

Murphy, Lisa D. (1998): Digital Document Metadata in Organizations: Roles, Analytical Approaches, and Future Resea. In: HICSS 1998 , 1998, . pp. 267-276. https://csdl.computer.org/comp/proceedings/hicss/1998/8236/02/82360267abs.htm

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