Author: Katrin Bidmon


Publication period start: 2008
Number of co-authors: 8


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Fabian Bos
Jürgen Pleiss
Thomas Ertl

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Guido Reina
Peter Hastreiter
Thomas Ertl


Bidmon, Katrin, Grottel, Sebastian, Bos, Fabian, Pleiss, Jürgen, Ertl, Thomas (2008): Visual Abstractions of Solvent Pathlines near Protein Cavities. In Comput. Graph. Forum, 27 (3) pp. 935-942.

Bidmon, Katrin, Reina, Guido, Bos, Fabian, Pleiss, Jürgen, Ertl, Thomas (2007): Time-Based Haptic Analysis of Protein Dynamics. In: WHC 2007 - Second Joint EuroHaptics Conference and Symposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems 22-24 March, 2007, Tsukuba, Japan. pp. 537-542.

Rose, Dirc, Bidmon, Katrin, Ertl, Thomas (2004): Intuitive and Interactive Modification of Large Finite Element Models. In: VIS 2004 - 15th IEEE Visualization 2004 Conference 10-15 October, 2004, Austin, TX, USA. pp. 361-368.

Reina, Guido, Bidmon, Katrin, Enders, Frank, Hastreiter, Peter, Ertl, Thomas (2006): GPU-Based Hyperstreamlines for Diffusion Tensor Imaging. In: Santos, Beatriz Sousa, Ertl, Thomas, Joy, Kenneth I. (eds.) EuroVis06 Joint Eurographics - IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization 8-10 May, 2006, Lisbon, Portugal. pp. 35-42.