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Early in his career, Jon Meads became concerned with the need to design interactive systems which meet users\' perceptual and cognitive needs as well as their practical and functional requirements. As a software engineer and manager, he was instrumental in pioneering and developing interactive windowing systems (pre-Macintosh). He then started to focus more directly on user-centered design and methodologies for developing usable systems. He has been a software engineer and manager at Tektronix, Intel, and Four-Phase Systems and served with Bell Northern Research\'s Corporate Design Group as an in-house consultant on human-computer interaction. Currently he is president of Usability Architects, Inc., a consulting and contracting firm, specializing in designing the user experience and providing support for the full usability engineering lifecycle from product definition and user studies to the specification, design, and development of usable systems through user-centered methodologies and practices. Jon is a past Chair of ACM/SIGGRAPH, a co-founder of the Annual SIGGRAPH conferences, has served on the Advisory Board for the ACM\'s Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI), was a Co-Chair for CHI '90, the 1990 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, and was an ACM National Lecturer lecturing on user interface concepts and techniques.

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