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John Knight is a Senior UX Designer at ORM London and is involved in designing products, interfaces and software and holds nearly ten patents in this area. John is also currently editor of Interfaces magazine, is a Council Member of The Design Research Society and British Computer Society and specialises in Value-centred approaches to design of electronic products Before joining Vodafone, John was Director of User-Lab, at Birmingham City University where he led design research activities with both commercial and academic applications. Before this, he was a visiting lecturer at Guildhall University in Interface Design and has also worked as a production manager, with extensive experience in journalism and print media. Lastly, John is an exhibiting artist who completed a first degree in Fine Art from Newport College of Art and Design under the guidance of electronic arts pioneer Roy Ascott. This diversity of art and design practice is reflected in John's qualifications in Product Design, User Interface Design and Print Media as well as his extensive list of publications and chairing of the International Design for Engagement conference series. John is a part-time Doctoral Student at Aalto University of Art and Design.

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