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Janssen, Jasper P., Egmont-Petersen, Michael, Hendriks, Emile A., Reinders, Marcel J. T., Geest, Rob J. van der, Hogendoorn, P. C. W., Reiber, Johan H. C. (2002): Scale-invariant segmentation of dynamic contrast-enhanced perfusion MR images with inheren. In Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, 13 (1) pp. 1-19.

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Schooten, Boris W. van, Dijk, Betsy M. A. G. van, Nijholt, Anton, Reiber, Johan H. C. (2010): Evaluating automatic warning cues for visual search in vascular images. In: Proceedings of the 2010 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces , 2010, . pp. 393-396.