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Jean-Pierre Balpe is head of the Hypermedia Department and of the Paragraphe laboratory at the University Paris 8. A researcher and theorist of the relations between the computer and literature, he has written various scientific and technical books. His last theoretical book is Contextes de l'art numérique, ed. Hermes, 2000. He is also a poet (Bleus, 1984, ed. Action poétique; Le Silence, 1989, ed. Action poétique; 101 poèmes du poète aveugle, 2000, ed. Farrago) and a novelist (La Toile, 1999, ed. Cylibris). He has also published numerous short stories in different French journals. Since 1985, he has created or participated in numerous exhibitions of art and new technologies including his interactive scenario "Shangaï-Paris". He has also had various interactive and generative shows including, in 1997, "Trois mythologies et un poète aveugle" with the French musical institute IRCAM. Currently he has various interactive and generative shows in progress. One of his latest generative works is the e-novel Trajectoires, which can be read at In 2000, he created a mail-novel which was send daily to those recipients agreeing to participate in the project. In February-April 2002, he created "MeTapolis" a multimodal installation-show for the Marco museum in Monterey (Mexico), conceived with the Italian composer Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi and the French artist Miguel Chevalier. His latest works are "...nographies" an electronic oratorio using generated poetry with the composer Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi, produced at the Molière theater in Paris in November 2003, Babel poesie for the P0es1e exhibition in Berlin (January-april 2004) and Fictions d'Issy an urban multimodal novel.

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