Itiel E. Dror

Author: Itiel E. Dror


My interests are in the information processing underling a wide range of cognitive phenomena. I am particularly interested in high-level cognition; my research encompasses visual-spatial abilities and mental imagery, decision making, ageing, and knowledge acquisition & expertise. My work includes (in addition to basic academic research) applied real world applications in a variety of domains, including biometrics, decision making, training, and cognitive technologies. In addition to cognitive experiments with a variety of different populations, my work relies on computer simulations and neuroscience research. I use computer simulations to construct models of cognition, constrained by current neuroscientific knowledge. I am also interested in the foundations of cognitive neuroscience, philosophy of the mind, and how cognitive research and philosophical questions interrelate. Email:


Publication period start: 1992
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Stevan Harnad

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Stevan Harnad


Dror, Itiel E. (1992): Visual Mental Rotation: Different Processes Used by Pilots. In: Proceedings of the Human Factors Society 36th Annual Meeting , 1992, . pp. 1368-1372.