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Dr. Herbert E. Nwankwo, CPE,  is a Consultant with SeluTech Inc. He is also director of the Teaching- Learning programs at DeHerb Math Unlimited, Greensboro NC where he is doing work on simplifying knowledge tasks relative to mathematics teaching and learning. He was also professor and researcher of Industrial Systems Engineering at NC A&T University's College of Engineering, where he taught productivity improvement courses relative to human systems engineering and Statistics. For five years, Dr. Nwankwo served in an army research consortium, Advanced Displays and Interactive Displays, sponsored by the Army Research Lab at Abardeen Proving Ground, MD and managed by rockwell International and the UIUC, where he championed investigation and design in tactile interaction displays for military applications in conjucntion with the MCNC at the NC Research Triangle Park.  He holds undergraduate degrees in Mathematics/Economics Education; business degree in Transportation and Physical Distribution logistics; plus masters and PhD Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the Univ. of Texas Arlington. He  is board certifed professional ergonomist since 2001, with consulting interest in human systems design and engineering, ranging from work and work place design, work systems design and development, and productivity improvement concepts development. His industrial experience include several ergonomics improvement projects at Miller Brewing Co, Eden NC; Nordfab Systems, High Point, NC; and many other small to medium manufacturing establishment. He has also consulted through the NC State Industrial Extension Services, in Greensboro, NC.

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Pulat, B. Mustafa, Nwankwo, Herbert H. (1987): Formatting Alphanumeric CRT Displays. In International Journal of Man-Machine Studies, 26 (5) pp. 567-580.