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Author: Giuseppe Scanniello


Publication period start: 2001
Number of co-authors: 13


Number of publications with favourite co-authors
Genoveffa Tortora
Gennaro Costagliola
Andrea De Lucia

Productive Colleagues

Most productive colleagues in number of publications
Filomena Ferrucci
Genoveffa Tortora
Gennaro Costagliola


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Costagliola, Gennaro, Lucia, Andrea De, Ferrucci, Filomena, Gravino, Carmine, Scanniello, Giuseppe (2008): Assessing the usability of a visual tool for the definition of e-learning processes. In J. Vis. Lang. Comput., 19 (6) pp. 721-737. https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jvlc.2008.01.003

Lucia, Andrea De, Fasano, Fausto, Scanniello, Giuseppe, Tortora, Genny (2007): Enhancing collaborative synchronous UML modelling with fine-grained versioning of software. In J. Vis. Lang. Comput., 18 (5) pp. 492-503. https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jvlc.2007.08.005

Bianchi, Andrea, Costagliola, Gennaro, D\'Ambrosio, Pietro, Francese, Rita, Scanniello, Giuseppe (2001): A Visual System for the generation of Banking Legacy System Gateways. In: HCC 2001 - IEEE CS International Symposium on Human-Centric Computing Languages and Environments September 5-7, 2001, Stresa, Italy. pp. 350-357. https://csdl.computer.org/comp/proceedings/hcc/2001/0474/00/04740350abs.htm

Costagliola, Gennaro, Lucia, Andrea De, Ferrucci, Filomena, Gravino, Carmine, Scanniello, Giuseppe (2006): Assessing the Usability of a Tool for Developing Adaptive E-learning Processes: an Empiric. In: ICALT 2006 - Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies 5-7 July, 2006, Kerkrade, The Netherlands. pp. 265-269. https://doi.ieeecomputersociety.org/10.1109/ICALT.2006.83

Lucia, Andrea De, Scanniello, Giuseppe, Tortora, Genoveffa (2004): Identifying Clones in Dynamic Web Sites Using Similarity Thresholds. In: ICEIS 2004 , 2004, . pp. 391-396.

Risi, Michele, Scanniello, Giuseppe (2012): MetricAttitude: a visualization tool for the reverse engineering of object oriented softwa. In: Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces , 2012, . pp. 449-456. https://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2254556.2254643